Ring of Honor TV 13/2/16 Review

Air Date: 13/2/16

Jason Kincaid vs. Lio Rush (2016 Top Prospect Tournament First Round)

I know next to nothing about Kincaid, but Lio Rush is a guy that is just on the cusp of really breaking out big time. This was one hell of a match, Kincaid has a very weird look to him but it seems like that is part of his gimmick and god damn can that guy work. Rush was clearly the star of this match however, and looks really great for basically being a rookie. I can’t wait to see where he goes from here. Lio Rush pins Kincaid with a standing Spanish Fly *** ½

Silas Young and The Beer City Bruiser vs. Caprice Coleman and Will Ferrara

Prince NaNa was on commentary for this match, reminding us of the short feud between Coleman and Ferrara from earlier this year. Fine match that went a little longer than it needed to, there was one spot that I really enjoyed with Ferrara trying to bodyslam Bruiser who just fell on him. I’ve always been very iffy on Silas as a wrestler, I’d argue with his last real man gimmick he should be doing a lot of strikes and stuff and not standing moonsaults. Caprice Coleman pinned Silas Young with the Sky Splitter after distraction from The Boys ** ½

BJ Whitmer and Adam Page are out for another boring promo segment. Steve Corino comes out to announce Whitmer’s opponent for the Anniversary show, which is Adam Page who turns on BJ. This isn’t really a match I am all that interested in watching but the crowd was hot for Adam Page so it could be alright.

After that we get a rundown of the 14th Anniversary card so far, which is shaping up nicely.

Mark Briscoe vs. Tim Hughes

Fine squash match, Hughes looked alright but not someone I’d like to see more of. Mark Briscoe pins Hughes after a Froggy Bow **

ACH and Matt Sydal vs. The Young Bucks (Matt and Nick Jackson)

This was exactly the kind of crazy flippy shit match you’d expect from these four men. Everyone worked hard and looked good, but I don’t think any one man stood out which is the issue with matches of this kind. Matt Sydal pinned Matt Jackson after a shooting star press ***

Overall: 5.0

Pretty good show with two awesome matches bookending it. This was probably better than the last few episode of ROH TV but not by a huge amount. The opener was very good and worth watching, the rest is pretty skippable though.

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