Lucha Underground 3/2/16 Review

Air Date: 3/2/16

The show starts with Pentagon Jr. talking to Prince Puma about their tag match tonight. This somehow leads to an awesome looking choreographed brawl that LU normally does so well. The show starts proper with Matt Striker asking Vampiro if he still has anything to do with Pentagon Jr. Vampiro gets overly defensive about the whole thing, it’s interesting to see where this whole deal goes.

Johnny Mundo vs. Killshot

Killshot is a pretty mediocre wrestler in my opinion, even without the mask. His high flying is unspectacular compared to some of the greats around him and his strikes don’t look like they have much impact because of his size, or lack thereof. That said, he looked pretty good here and had a great sequence that ended with a very believable near fall. Johnny Mundo pinned Killshot after a low blow and the End of the World ***

After the match Mundo gets on the mic and calls out Mil Muertes. He’s interrupted by Cage, who also calls out Mil. Mundo and Cage start arguing and they brawl. Mundo made Cage look like an absolute monster here, he took a crazy flying bump off of a shoulder block.

We get a very creepy video package showing Sexy Star is still being held captive by Marty the Moth. Marty teases that his sister his coming soon. Unnerving stuff. After that we get a promo package for the upcoming debut of the “Darewolf” PJ Black where he beats up some masked men on bikes. Cool video but he’s got to stop calling himself the “Darewolf” because that’s maybe the single worst nickname in wrestling today.

The Mack vs. PJ Black

This was a pretty good back and forth match, Mack looked phenomenal here and PJ Black was no slouch either. Commentary was unbearable in this match though, continually making jokes about how they should call PJ the Dareworld instead of Black. I refuse to type that nickname ever again. Having Black lose his debut match is a little surprising, but if it leads to a push for Mack I can’t complain. The Mack pins PJ Black after a stunner ** ¾

Another vignette, this time for the debut of Kobra Moon. She beats up some random masked men, if you’re going to air two debut vignettes in one night maybe it’s worth making them a little bit more different?

The Disciples of Death (Barrio Negro, El Siniestro de la Muerte, and Trece w/Catrina) vs. Prince Puma and Pentagon Jr. (3-on-2 Handicap Match)

The story of this match was the distrust between Puma and Pentagon, which was also sold very well by Vampiro on commentary who kept trying to defend Pentagon and blame Puma. The actual match was nothing special, there was a super extended heat segment on Puma that I could’ve done without but other than that this was fine. I don’t like the trios champions losing in a handicap match to two men that don’t like each other, it makes them look incredibly weak and hurts the prestige of the title a little, but they have been treated as no name jobbers that only have the title because of Catrina anyway so it’s not the end of the world. Pentagon Jr. pinned Trece after Puma hit him with a 630˚ ** ½

Puma and Pentagon brawl after the match. Pentagon teases breaking Puma’s arm but Prince Puma escapes. The eventual match between these two is going to be a lot of fun.

We get a cool video to end the show with a familiar voice talking to the new Dragon Azteca, the voice was supposed to be the next Dragon Azteca but choice to go a different way. The voice is revealed to be Rey Mysterio as the show ends, hell of a segment.

Overall: 5.5

Lucha Underground is always a really fun and easy watch. There was nothing special on this show other than maybe the opener but nothing felt particularly bad or unwatchable.

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