ICW 5th Annual Square Go Review

Show Date: 24/1/16

Insane Championship Wrestling is arguably the biggest wrestling company in the UK, they drew record numbers for their last big show Fear and Loathing which featured Grado finally winning the companies top title from Drew Galloway. This is their first big show since then featuring Grado defending his newly won title and the annual Square Go match which is roughly equivalent to the Royal Rumble.

Lionheart vs. Kenny Williams (Winner gets the Number 30 Spot in Square Go)

Pretty good back and forth opener, Kenny hit a couple of really nice dives to the outside and Lionheart looked good as well. My only real complaint would be that it went 3 or 4 minutes too long, this would’ve been great at 7 or so minutes instead of the 12 or 13 we got. Lionheart pins Kenny Williams with a Victory Roll ***

The 55 (c) (Kid Fite and Sha Samuels w/James R. Kennedy) vs Polo Promotions (Jackie Polo and Mark Coffey w/Coach Trip)(ICW Tag Team Championship)

Boring match that just would not end. The story of this match was Jackie Polo’s injured knee, which nicely played into the finish but that is literally the only redeeming quality of the hot garbage that was this match. Coach Trip throws in the towel for Jackie Polo *

Backstage Kenny Williams is pissed about losing his match earlier tonight and tells Lionheart he will see him “soon”. Lionheart is also backstage talking about his win.

Carmel vs. Liam Thomas (Loser Leaves ICW)

They aired a pretty good video package summing up the storyline between these two, Carmel and Liam used to be a couple until Thomas turned on Carmel. Given how personal the story you’d expect a pretty intense and hatefilled match, instead we got another boring match where nothing felt like it mattered and the crowd didn’t seem to give a shit. Carmel pins Liam Thomas after a chairshot * ¼

Grado (c) vs. Chris Renfrew (ICW World Heavyweight Championship)

We got a great video package before this match summing up the storyline leading to this match with Renfrew accusing Grado of trying to distance himself from ICW and forgetting where he came from. It seems like Grado is on the brink of turning heel, coming out a little cockier than usual, with new theme music, and sporting some heel stubble. This was far and away the best match on the show, both men threw absolutely everything at each other and gave it their all. There were death match elements with thumbtacks and a barbed wire board but they weren’t over used and felt like they meant something. The crowd came absolutely unglued as Renfrew won. Chris Renfrew pinned Grado with a Stone Cold Stunner *** ¾

After the match the rest of the New Age Kliq came out to celebrate with Chris Renfrew. Grado stood looking upset at ringside during all of this as his great subtle heel turn continues.

Square Go Match (Number One Contender’s Match for ICW World Heavyweight Championship)

Along with this being a Royal Rumble style match, five of the entrants have been allowed to bring in weapons which is an interesting concept. These kind of matches can be difficult to book but I felt this was pretty good. The two main stories of Joe Coffey making it all the way through the match and Red Lightning and the Black Label screwing everyone over worked well and the smaller stories like Solar finding a tag partner in Soldato helped supplement that and stop a frankly very long match not feel too long. In terms of actual wrestling this was a pretty standard battle royal and nothing special really. Wolfgang holding this while his New Age Kliq stable mate holds the world title could lead to a very interesting series of shows in the next year. Wolfgang wins by last eliminating Joe Coffey ** ¾

Order of entry: Joe Coffey, Lewis Girvan, Trent Seven, Andrew Wilde, Solar, Soldato, Dave Mastiff, Massimo, Lou King Sharp, Sebastian (w/Tom Irvine as his weapon), Dickie Divers, Jimmy Havoc, Scotty Swift, Joe Hendry, Mikey Whiplash, Stevie Boy, Doug Williams, The Wee Man, Davey Boy, Wolfgang, DCT, Michael Chase, Timm Wylie (w/a lead pipe), BT Gunn, Jack Jester (w/a big metal dong), Red Lightning (w/a kendo stick), Mark Dallas (w/a golf club), Big Damo, Mark Coffey, Lionheart.

Overall: 5.0

The undercard of this show was pretty bad, but Grado/Renfrew was a lot of fun and while the main event went way too long it still had enough fun moments to keep you interested for the most part.


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