WSU 9th Anniversary Show Review

Show Date: 13/2/16

WSU is an independent women’s wrestling company owned and operated by DJ Hyde of CZW. This show took place on the same day as CZW’s seventeenth anniversary show. I don’t watch much women’s wrestling so this is going to be an interesting experience for me.

LuFisto vs. Jessicka Havok

This match started with some, frankly pretty bad, crowd brawling. Things didn’t get much better when they got back into the ring, LuFisto and Havok clearly tried to build this match as some kind of epic with striking exchanges in the middle of the ring and a lot of nearfalls. That didn’t really work and instead we got a pretty mediocre match. Havok pinned LuFisto with a Samoan Drop ** ½

After the match Jessicka Havok got on the mic and called out Cherry Bomb, who was on commentary. Havok and Cherry Bomb is set for a title match at Wrestlecon weekend. Cherry Bomb’s reaction to this news with super high pitched screaming was phenomenal.

The whole roster surrounds the ring as Rick Cataldo inducts Alicia into the WSU hall of fame. I know next to nothing about Alicia but she was put over huge here and talked about as a big influence on women’s wrestling in the US.

Samantha Heights vs. Su Yung (w/Chrissy Rivera)

Before the match Chrissy gets on the mic and talks about not being allowed in WSU until now and she calls Su Yung her new misfit. Fine promo. Pretty good little match with Su Yung being in control for the most part. There were a couple of botches here and there and a weird spot where Yung and Heights were rolling around in an inside cradle, but other than that this was pretty good. Su Yung wins with an Airplane Spin into a Michinoku Driver ***

Brittany Blake vs. Penelope Ford

This is a match between two members of the CZW wrestling academy and Dojo Wars regulars. This was a fine match, although it was obvious these two women were still in training. Brittany Blake makes Ford tap to the Bad Omen ** ¼

Leva Bates (c) vs. Hania the Howling Huntress (WSU Spirit Championship)

Leva Bates is of course Blue Pants of NXT fame and Hania used to work CHIKARA as Saturyne. Bates looked very bad here, nothing she did looked believable and she was way too goofy at times. Hania looked pretty good for her part, her offence looked good and she sold well. Definitely someone to look out for going forward. Leva Bates makes Hania tap to a Dragon Sleeper after interference from Su Yung ***

Jordynne Grace vs. Jenny Rose

Nothing special match. Some good character work from Grace who has a “last real athlete” gimmick. Grace pins Jenny Rose with a sitout powerbomb **

Annie Social and Gabby Gilbert (c) vs. The Fella Twins (Eddy McQueen and Rick Cataldo) (WSU Tag Team Championship)

Gabby is filling in for Kimber Lee who wasn’t at the show for some reason. Another badly worked match, but it was made up for with good intensity from all four involved and some awesome character work from Rick Cataldo. The Fella Twins win as Rick pins Gabby with his feet on the ropes ** ¼

Veda Scott vs. Solo Darling (Sweet Uncensored Rules Match)

This was a hardcore match with a sweets theme, including a table of the stuff on the outside. This was a weird match to say the least. Something like this as a single spot in a match is fine, but an entire match built around using sweets as weapons gets old very quickly, especially when you have two poor workers like Veda and Solo involved, although I do think it worked when the real weapons, thumbtacks, were brought out. Solo Darling pins Veda Scott after a Rock Candy Bottom through a table ** ¾

Overall: 5.0

This was an easy show to get through but nothing at all stood out or was must watch. Just a show.


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