DREAMWAVE Season Premiere Review

Show Date: 2/1/16

DREAMWAVE is a small independent company that runs shows out of Illinois, they aren’t a company that gets a lot of hype on the internet like PWG or EVOLVE but there are a couple of people on this show that I like so I thought it was worth checking out.

The show opens with Ric Flair making a special appearance. He puts over the crowd and the promoter and for some reason Seth Rollins.

Team Overkill (c) (Christian Rose and Matt Cage) vs Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa (DREAMWAVE Tag Team Championship)

Hot start to this with Gargano and Ciampa murdering Team Overkill. Christian Rose was clearly the weak link in this match, Matt Cage looked great and Gargano and Ciampa always look great. This was a very fun back and forth match either way with all four men exchanging a huge amount of stiff strikes. Christian Rose pins Ciampa with a school boy to retain the titles ** ¾

After the match Mike Hartenbower comes out with a briefcase, I am guessing it’s a Money in the Bank type gimmick. Apparently Christian Rose is also the heavyweight champion, hence the briefcase tease. Instead he decides to cash in for the tag titles with his partner.

Team Overkill (c) (Christian Rose and Matt Cage) vs. Spears and Beers (Mike Hartenbower and Waylon) (DREAMWAVE Tag Team Championship)

Waylon seems to have some kind of homeless gimmick. It was only in this match that I understood that Christian Rose is part of the main heel faction and Matt Cage isn’t, hence there is some animosity between them. This was more of an angle than a real match. Hartenbower wins the titles by pinning Christian Rose NR

After the match Cage and Rose get into a fight that ends with Cage knocking Rose out and ending the team.

AR Fox (c) vs. Heidi Lovelace vs. DJ Z vs. Chris Castro (DREAMWAVE Alternative Championship)

This was a fun X-Division style spotfest, things looked a bit awkward at times as the spots were being set up which is often the case in these kind of matches but other than that this was pretty good. All four worked super hard, but Heidi really stood out to me and looked like the star of the match. AR Fox retains by pinning DJ Z with a 450 Splash ***

Shynron vs. JT Dunn

I’ve seen a lot of Shynron in the last few weeks but this was the first time I’ve seen JT Dunn in a long time. This was a pretty fun back and forth match, Dunn is super talented and uses a good mix of strikes and high flying. Shynron is one of wrestling best kept secrets and did very well here. Good, intense match. JT Dunn wins by submission *** ¼

Vic Capri comes out only to be interrupted by Ruff Crossing, Donovan Danhausen, and Zhara Schreiber. God these guys need better names. They brawl, with Stephen Wolf coming out to make the save. Apparently this is a tag match now.

Ruff Hausen (Donovan Danhausen and Ruff Crossing w/Zahra Schreiber) vs. Vic Capri and Stephen Wolf

Fun match, all four men worked hard and the pace never really slowed down. Zahra did next to nothing on the outside, which is probably for the best since she is very new still. Danhausen pins Stephen Wolf ** ½

Arik Cannon (w/Zahra Schreiber) vs. Darin Corbin (Street Fight)

Before you ask, Darin Corbin had his name long before Baron Corbin. This is apparently a match between a former tag team as Cannon decided to join Zahra’s heel stable that Christian Rose is also a part of. Arik Cannon is a guy who people thought was going to be a very big deal in the early 2000s but for some reason never really broke out big time. This was pretty boring and tame for a street fight, nothing special at all. Arik Cannon wins with an inside cradle **

Nick Brubaker vs. Prince Mustafa Ali

Mustafa Ali has his shoulder in a brace, so Brubaker quite rightly targeted that. This was a well worked match with a lot of decent mat work at first, Zahra again got involved in this match which I could’ve done without. I am not normally against interference in matches but I feel like every match on this show so far has had interference which gets very old quickly. Ali seems like someone to look out for, he played a very good babyface in peril throughout this match, his selling really built sympathy for him and his comebacks had a lot of heat. Brubaker pinned Ali with a schoolboy ***

Dick Justice vs. Space Monkey vs. Shockwave the Robot

Boring comedy match with maybe one or two funny spots. Dick Justice pins Shockwave *

Christian Rose (c) vs. Marshe Rockett (Dog Collar Match)(DREAMWAVE World Championship)

Something was off about this match for me. It was well worked but I never got the impression that these two men really hated each other, which is necessary in this kind of match. The two men felt like they were just going through the motions and not like they were bitter enemies. The finish was at least creative with Marshe superkicking Rose into the fourth turnbuckle by accident giving Rose the win. Christian Rose retains ** ¼

After the match Marshe goes after Christian Rose, and then all of the members of Deep Six and Team DREAMWAVE run out and brawl.

Overall: 3.5

This show was very hard to sit through at times, while it only clocks in at about 2 hours it felt like it was much much longer. I don’t think I’ll be watching any more DREAMWAVE shows any time soon.


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