WWE Main Event 19/1/16 Review

Air Date: 19/1/16

The Ascension (Konnor and Viktor) vs. Mark Henry and Jack Swagger

This is being billed as a rematch from last week, and is maybe the third or four match in the C-show series between these two teams. Swagger and Henry got some early offence in, until The Ascension double teamed Jack behind the refs back and started working over Jack leading to Mark getting the hot tag. Mark Henry pins Viktor after a World’s Strongest Slam ** ¼

The Social Outcasts are backstage with JoJo talking about the Royal Rumble and their upcoming tag match with the Dudley Boyz. Funny segment, I really love these guys when they get given mic time.

Neville vs. Tyler Breeze

This was an okay match at best, you could tell that both men weren’t even giving 50% though. There were one or two bombs thrown at each other and an extended headlock spot that completely killed the crowd. Neville pinned Tyler Breeze with the Red Arrow * ½

We get the numbers Royal Rumble promo again, I can’t wait until I don’t have to see this damn promo anymore.

The Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray and D-Von Dudley) vs. The Social Outcasts (Heath Slater and Curtis Axel w/Adam Rose and Bo Dallas)

Boring match that went far, far too long. The Outcasts did a victory lap at one point which was easily the most entertaining part of the whole match. Axel pins Bubba with a roll up **

Overall: 3.5

This was another in the line of bad C-shows that you would expect, although it wasn’t quite as recap heavy as one might expect which is good I guess?


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