TNA iMPACT Wrestling 12/1/16 Review

Air Date: 12/1/16

The show starts with a recap of the World Title Series matches from last week, after that EC3 is out talking to Tyrus about how he walked out on him last week. They banter back and forth and Tyrus looks super pissed at Ethan, but is interrupted by Jeff Hardy. Hardy is out to congratulate EC3 and his over the top reactions to Hardy made a boring segment kind of entertaining. Jeff’s facepaint in this segment looked really uneven, like there were huge chunks in some places and then barely anything in other places. Jeff asks for a title shot which Ethan denies, instead forcing him to prove himself against a young talent. Shynron comes out to an EC3 sung theme, hilarious.

Jeff Hardy vs. Shynron

Short little match, Shynron looked good and got some offence in but this was basically a glorified squash for Jeff. Jeff Hardy pins Shynron after a Twist of Fate * ¾

JB is backstage with The Dollhouse, Marti Bell cut a pretty good promo about Kong becoming the leader of The Dollhouse. Kong starts talking about Gail Kim but is interrupted by Velvet Sky and Madison Rayne. Some very bad looking brawling ensues.

The Dollhouse (Jade and Awesome Kong w/Marti Bell and Rebel) vs. The Beautiful People (Velvet Sky and Madison Rayne)(Street Fight)

This match started during commercial and is apparently a street fight, much to the surprise of the announcers. Jade fumbled around with a chair, Velvet Sky looked lost and hit some of the safest looking kendo stick shots I’ve ever seen, and then Jade killed Madison with a package piledriver that damn near broke my neck. Good match though. Jade pins Madison Rayne with a package piledriver ** ½

We get a weird promo package for someone called Raquel that focussed solely on her ass and tits, because it’s 2016 and that’s all that women are good for right TNA?

Beer Money are out for a “beer bash” to celebrate their reuniting. Roode apologizes for breaking up Beer Money all those years ago in a nice bit of continuity, and they have some fun banter back and forth. They are interrupted by Eric Young and Bram, Young wants a shot at the King of the Mountain title which Roode accepts for tonight.

Bobby Roode (w/James Storm) (c) vs. Eric Young (w/Bram)(TNA King of the Mountain Championship)

This was a fine match, well worked but nothing to write home about. I like both of these guys but it really felt like they were just going through the motions at times. Bram pulled the ref out of the ring during a near fall, which led to Beer Money taking him out. Young got a lowblow in to win the title in the confusion. It makes sense to get the KotM title off of Roode if Beer Money are going to go after the tag titles soon and be a full time tag team. Eric Young wins the title after a piledriver on Roode ** ¾

Mr Anderson had a cute little segment backstage about his new talk show later tonight.

Mike Bennett meets with EC3 backstage and puts him over, Ethan basically just blows him off which Bennett takes offence to. An angle between these two could be a lot of fun so I hope this actually goes somewhere.

After that we get a recap of the events following Bound for Glory and the World Title Series.

Mr Anderson comes out for his new talk show “Huh?” Something about Anderson’s voice seems off, like he has his mouthful or something. His guests are Matt Hardy, Reby Hardy, and their son. Hardy cut a very good babyface promo here about wanting to go back for the title while Reby made great bitchy facial expressions. Anderson really ruined this segment for me, he kind of reminded me of Roddy Piper in his last few years when he would just ramble and make everyone uncomfortable.

Drew Galloway is in the crowd with Christy Hemme talking about his match with Kurt Angle in the main event. Drew was good here but the crowd was so dead it’s unreal, they didn’t care at all about anything Drew was saying.

The Wolves (Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards) and Tigre Uno vs. Eli Drake, Jessie Godderz, and DJ Z

Heels worked over Eddie which led to a hot tag from Davey leading to a fun finishing stretch. I liked the finish to this, Godderz accidently hit DJ Z with a clothesline which led to DJ hitting Godderz with a superkick later in the match to get to the finish. Eddie Edwards pins Jessie Godderz ** ½

Jeff Hardy gives a pep talk to Matt backstage, but is interrupted by Reby who takes Matt away.

EC3 calls out Matt Hardy in the ring about an offer Matt has that EC3 “can’t refuse.” Really good promo exchange here with Matt asking Ethan for a Career vs. Title match, which EC3 accepts as long as it’s a Last Man Standing match. It’s a shame the crowd was so bad for this because I thought the segment itself was actually very well done.

Kurt Angle vs. Drew Galloway (Kurt Angle Farewell Tour)

God bless these guys, they went out there building an epic match with decent matwork, big bomb exchanges, and even a hard looking bump onto the guardrail from Drew in front of a crowd that sounded like they barely cared. I honestly think in front of a better crowd this would be being talked about as one of the best this month, instead this was just very good. Kurt Angle pins Drew Galloway after a top rope Angle Slam *** ½

Overall: 5.0

I am liking the EC3/Matt Hardy angle and the main event delivered, but everything else on this show was just kind of there. For the big debut on PopTV iMPACT is still very much same old same old.


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