WWE Main Event 12/1/16 Review

Air Date: 12/1/16

The show starts with Mark Henry cutting a promo about the upcoming Royal Rumble how it is the only thing he hasn’t won. He’s interrupted by The Ascension who remind Mark that they threw him out at the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royale and how they will win the Rumble. The Ascension were putting on weird gravely voices that I could’ve really done without. Konnor and Viktor attack Henry and Jack Swagger comes out to make the save. I appreciate that someone tried to give some kind of a reason for one of these matches.

Fandango vs. Stardust

Hot open to this match with Stardust and Fandango going at it, including a nice dive to the outside by ‘Dango. Things slowed down a little bit but were still pretty solid. This was a fun match if a little short even by C show standards, with Fandango looking better than he has in a very long time. Stardust complained about having an eye injury which turned out to be a lie as he turned around and gave Fandango a Queen’s Crossbow for the win. Stardust pins Fandango with the Queen’s Crossbow **

Alicia Fox vs. Tamina

This match was an absolute trainwreck and difficult to watch at times. Tamina was botching all over the place in an extended control segment with Alicia playing the face in peril. Alicia gets the win out of nowhere and gets attacked for her troubles after the match. Just boring. Alicia Fox pins Tamina with a roll up *

We get a recap of the One Versus All match from RAW.

Jack Swagger and Mark Henry vs. The Ascension (Konnor and Viktor)

This is a rematch from their match earlier this month on Superstars. This was far better than that previous match although the structure was very similar with Konnor and Viktor working over Swagger until Henry got the hot tag and murdered The Ascension. The difference this time is that everyone seemed far more into the match, including Henry who was almost persona non grata until the finish last time round. Here you could see him trying to will his partner on when Jack reached for that tag. The hot tag was also a lot more fun this time round and not just a quick World’s Strongest Slam and win. Swagger is still my C-Show MVP, he’s just so awesome in these nothing matches that shouldn’t be good. Mark Henry pins Konnor after a World’s Strongest Slam ** ¾

Overall: 5.0

Pretty good show, I like that they actually built up to a main event instead of just throwing something out there.


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