Lucha Underground 27/1/16 Review

It’s so awesome to have Lucha Underground back, the show was easily one of the best things in wrestling in 2015 and had multiple legitimate Match of the Year Contenders while also getting a whole new group of wrestlers over.

Air Date: 27/1/16

The show starts with a cool segment explaining that Vampiro has been in a psychiatric facility for the last six months and is now on very strong medication. Vampiro gets picked up by Matt Striker as they head back towards The Temple. Lucha Underground is always great at these kind of cinematic sequences and I love that things kept going in the show while it was on hiatus, it makes everything feel much more real.

Back at The Temple Catrina has taken over, Fenix meets with her and says he wants to cash in his Gift of the Gods title. Catrina tells him that King Cuerno wants a shot at the GotG title before Fenix can cash in. Mil Muertes has a thrown now and precides over the ring and looks like a certified badass.

Fenix (c) vs. King Cuerno (Lucha Underground Gift of the Gods Championship)

Hell of a match to start things off, I am not the biggest fan of King Cuerno but he looked great here. His more methodical and ground based style is the perfect way to emphasise Fenix’s incredible high flying ability. These two men worked super hard and it paid off. Again as I am not a huge Cuerno fan I am not sure about him having the Gift of the Gods title, it fits his character as the hunter but a Fenix/Muertes rematch is much more exciting a prospect to me than Muertes/Cuerno. King Cuerno wins the title with a jumping tombstone *** ¾

We see Ivelisse, Son of Havoc, and Angelico arrive at The Temple. Catrina tells them they are going to have a triple threat match against each other for a title match against Mil Muertes tonight.

Catrina is backstage with King Cuerno and they hint that Cuerno has agreed to not cash in the GotG title any time soon.

Son of Havoc vs. Angelico vs. Ivelisse (Number One Contender’s Match for Lucha Underground Championship)

At some point I will write a longer column about intergender wrestling, but in short here I am a fan of the style as long as the story being told in the ring makes sense. Ivelisse was perfect here, she never outpowered the men and the one time she got hit with a strong strike it had her down for some time. There is no denying, however, that Ivelisse looked the worse in this match, with things being much more interesting when she was not involved. Decent match but a definite step down from the opener, which is fine as it was more about the angle. Ivelisse pins Angelico with a roll up ** ¾

We see three men looking for The Temple only to be found by Black Lotus.

Mil Muertes (c)(w/Catrina) vs. Ivelisse (Lucha Underground Championship)

Angelico and Son of Havoc were taken out by the Disciples of Death before the match so Ivelisse was out on her own. This was exactly what it should be, an almost uncomfortable beat down of Ivelisse that reminded the audience just how much of a monster Mil is. Yes Ivelisse got a few submissions in here and there, but other than that this was all Muertes. Mil Muertes retains after pinning Ivelisse with a Flatliner ** ½

Post-match Prince Puma comes out to save Ivelisse. Pentagon Jr. comes out and breaks the arm of Mil as the crowd goes absolutely crazy.

We get a post-credits scene with Dario Cuerto and Black Lotus feeding the three men from earlier to Matanza.

Overall:  6.0

Great show to start the new season. The opening match was really great and while the Ivelisse/Muertes angle wasn’t as good it was very well executed and still a lot of fun. I have no doubt this season is going to be as good as the first and I can’t wait for it to unfold.


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