TNA One Night Only: Live Review

Air Date: 8/1/16

This is TNA’s first live pay per view since Bound for Glory in October. The big selling points for this show is the reuniting of Beer Money and the start of Kurt Angle’s farewell tour.

Tigre Uno (c) vs. DJ Z vs. Crazzy Steve vs. Mandrews (Elimination Match for the TNA X-Division Championship)

One of the things that I didn’t like about not watching TNA was missing out on the X-Division, which has historically been incredible. The only two guys in this match I am familiar with are DJ Z who used to wrestle as Zema Ion and Mandrews who is great here in the UK as Mark Andrews. This was exactly what you’d want from a match like this, a lot of really cool highflying spots including an insane hurricanrana from Mandrews off of a skateboard which commentary completely no sold. Mandrews eliminated both DJ Z and Crazzy Steve but couldn’t get the final pin. Tigre Uno retains by last eliminating Mandrews with a Spanish Fly ***

After the match Gregory Helms comes down to the ring and gestures towards the X-Division title exactly like he did at Bound for Glory. I don’t know if Helms can work a decent match anymore after his accident but I would really hate to see him get a push in TNA, that’s exactly the kind of stuff that TNA has always gotten flack for.

Jeremy Borash is backstage with Eric Young and Bram talking about their match with Beer Money tonight. This was a decent promo, Young is always great and this was no different.

Aiden O’Shea vs. Rockstar Spud

I know next to nothing about Aiden O’Shea except that he looks like the most New Generation character in history. He’s apparently a thug and comes down to the ring smoking a cigar and wears a wifebeater. Before the match Shea tells Spud to just leave so he doesn’t get too injured, what a thug eh? Spud refuses and Aiden goes after Spud. Once the match got going things were alright, Spud plays a very good underdog and the crowd was really into his comeback. Fine stuff. Rockstar Spud pins Aiden O’Shea with the Underdog **

They re-air the angle from iMPACT setting up the Angle/Galloway triple threat tag title match.

After that we get a recap of the end of the World Title Series from iMPACT and a fun little promo from EC3.

Robbie E vs. “The Miracle” Mike Bennett (w/Maria)

The crowd was completely dead for this match, which isn’t a huge surprise since this was basically an extended squash match for Bennett. I’ve never really be into Robbie E as a wrestler and his comedy stuff can be a little hit or miss. Maria was the best part of this match, and probably this entire Miracle act. That’s nothing against Bennett who can be very good, but Maria is one of my favourite managers working in wrestling today. The Miracle wins with Divine Intervention **

After the match Bennett gets on the mic and talks about building a “Kingdom” of miracles, clearly teasing bringing in Matt Taven which I wouldn’t necessarily be against.

Gail Kim is backstage talking about the upcoming number one contender gauntlet match. They were teasing another Gail Kim/Awesome Kong rematch here.


Number One Contender Knockout Gauntlet Match

They called this a gauntlet match but the rules were basically the same as a Royal Rumble except the final two ends in a standard match. Jade and Madison Rayne started the match, with Rebel in third. God this match sucked. Everyone was botching all over the place and the crowd was dead silent. Fuck this match. Awesome Kong pins Madison Rayne with the Implant Buster DUD

JB is backstage with The Wolves talking about the return of Beer Money. They want a match with them to prove they are the best team in TNA history. Eli Drake and Jessie Godderz interrupted to talk about their match tonight, fine stuff.

Trevor Lee vs. Pepper Parks

I haven’t seen a lot of Pepper Parks, but Trevor Lee is easily one of the best young wrestlers working today so I was excited for this. Commentary was trying really hard to make comparisons between Lee and Daniel Bryan, which was a shame since he is good enough to get over without stuff like that. This was a fun little match that the crowd wasn’t super into, although they haven’t been very good all night. Trevor Lee wins with a Fisherman’s Buster ***

Borash is backstage with the Dollhouse and Awesome Kong. This was alright, Kong showed some personality which is good since from her shoot interviews it’s clear she has a lot of it.

Pope called out Grado next. Apparently Pope doesn’t like how Grado isn’t a serious enough competitor. Pope makes a Monster’s Ball match with Abyss for Grado to prove he is serious enough. This was actually a pretty good segment to set up the match, I could do without so many talking segments on this show but this was at least good.

Grado vs. Abyss (Monster’s Ball)

Another fine match, Abyss was in control for much of the match with a few Grado hope spots thrown in. There were a couple of cool looking spots with Grado going through a table and Abyss being splashed between two barbed wire boards. Abyss wins after chokeslamming Grado into some thumbtacks ** ¾

Borash is backstage with Kurt Angle and Drew Galloway talking about their upcoming match on iMPACT. Nothing special here.

The Wolves (Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards) (c) vs. Eli Drake and Jessie Godderz vs. Kurt Angle and Drew Galloway (TNA Tag Team Championship)

They have been pushing this all night as a dream tag match, I don’t know whose dream this is but it certainly isn’t me. This match started out a little boring, but things really started to pick up once it became largely Angle/Galloway and the Wolves. The Wolves are just as good as they’ve always been and looked great here, same with Kurt and Drew. Eli Drake taps out to an ankle lock from Davey Richards *** ½

Tyrus vs. Lashley

In my review of the PopTV debut I didn’t realise that TNA was billing Bobby Lashley as just Lashley now, it’s a weird choice but whatever. This was a weird match, with these two guys you’d expect a lot of big monster power moves, which we did get but most of this match was matwork and chain wrestling. Clearly these guys have been watching their Timothy Thatcher tapes. It was a pretty boring match worked around an exposed turnbuckle, complete waste of time. Lashley pins Tyrus after a spear *

JB is backstage with Beer Money talking about their match with Eric Young and Bram tonight. These two are great, this was great, this show sucks.

Beer Money (James Storm and Bobby Roode) vs. Eric Young and Bram

Commentary are trying to spin Bram’s 2006 botch from iMPACT into a storyline with the idea that something awful happened to him in 2006. God, fuck TNA. The crowd was super into Beer Money at the start of this match. Fine tag match with the heels working over Storm until Roode got the hot tag. The finishing stretch to this was pretty fun but nothing special. Bobby Roode pins Bram after hitting the DWI ** ¾

Overall: 3.5

This was a really bad show with very few redeemable qualities. I am trying to give TNA a chance, I really am, but this show was borderline unwatchable in places. Even the Wolves/Angle and Galloway match which I thought was the best thing on the show couldn’t save this. Hopefully this was just a poor start and the next few weeks of TV will make up for it.


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