WWE Superstars 22/1/16 Review

Air Date: 22/1/16

Jack Swagger vs. Fandango

This was being talked about as a match for a spot in the Royal Rumble but I have no idea if that is official or not. Swagger is normally great on these shows and this was no exception, he showed great aggression and the crowd actually got behind him. Jack was throwing Fandango around and lighting him up with stiff looking chops, Fandango also looked great bumping all over the place. Jack Swagger makes Fandango tap to the Patriot Lock ** ¾

We get the League of Nations/Ambrose and Kalisto match from RAW aired again in full.

Dolph Ziggler vs. The Miz

Just a reminder that these two guys are former world champions and are now working Superstars. I will say that heel Miz has always been one of my favourite characters and this current run has been a lot of fun. These two had exactly the kind of match you’d expect from two “stars” working a C-show. Lots of headlocks, Miz cuts off Dolph Ziggler and gets the heat on him for a bit, Ziggler makes his comeback and wins. This was no Jack Swagger match. Dolph Ziggler pins The Miz after a superkick * ¾

We get the standard numbers Royal Rumble promo to end the show.

Overall: 4.0

It’s matches like the opening bout that makes reviewing these C-shows worthwhile, while the main event reminded me why this might have been a bad idea.


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