WWE Main Event 5/1/16 Review

Air Date: 5/1/16

The Social Outcasts make their way down to the ring, these guys have been really entertaining when given mic time. I love the dynamic of these four lower card losers coming together and they each have a distinct character. Rose is weird, Slater is the leader, Axel is super angry, and Bo is still his super happy self. The Usos come down and drop some Back2Back references how timely, these guys are actually cool but this came off trying too hard and I it didn’t work for me.

Stardust cuts a promo on Titus O’Neil in the back, nothing special promo here.

Stardust vs. Titus O’Neil

These guys have worked a lot together in recent weeks, none of the matches have been any good and this is no different. Stardust worked over Titus until Titus made his comeback and threw Stardust around for a bit. Same finish as always. Titus O’Neil wins with the Clash of the Titus * ¾

Zack Ryder vs. Tyler Breeze

Fun back and forth match, Zack showed a lot more aggression and intensity in this than I have seen from him in a long time, although to be honest it’s been a long time since I’ve seen him period. Breeze was alright here, but I got the impression he was taking this as a night off which is fine given I am probably the only person watching this show. Tyler Breeze pins Zack Ryder with the Unprettier **

We get a recap of Sheamus vs. Reigns for the title from RAW, it was a fun match from what I remember.

The Usos vs. Social Outcasts (Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel w/Adam Rose and Heath Slater)

Super boring tag match, lots of headlocks and very little action. The only redeeming quality of this was the Social Outcasts’ antics at ringside. The Usos win by reversing a roll up on Bo Dallas * ½

Overall: 2.5

This is the problem with reviewing C-shows, there will be shows like this which are just plain trash. Only thing worth watching was Breeze/Ryder and even that was basically nothing.


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