AML Wrestling Episode 5 Review: The Washington Bullets vs. The Heatseekers

Air Date: 10/4/15

This week’s show starts with a recap of the Washington Bullets’ win over The Bravados on episode 2 in what may be my favourite match of the show so far. After that we get another traditional pre-match promo from the Heatseekers featuring our old buddy Sigmon. They are carrying a set of tag titles that we later learn are the NWA US belts but are never mentioned in the actual promo.

After that the Washington Bullets are out, they still can’t talk to save their lives but they push their catchphrase and get out quick before they outstay their welcome. To the match!

The Washington Bullets vs. The Heatseekers

This was a really fun match, I am already a fan of the Bullets after the Bravados match and the Heatseekers have quickly become a team to look out for as well. All four men came out looking great; it’s just a shame about the dirty finish. I think I still enjoyed the Bravados match more than this but it is pretty close. I don’t have a lot to say about this other than go watch it. The Heatseekers win after a beltshot behind the referee’s back ***

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