WWE Superstars 15/1/16 Review

Air Date: 15/1/16

The Dudley Boyz vs. The Ascension

It’s a nice surprise to see The Dudley Boyz on Superstars, even though they have basically been jobbing since their return I still thought they would be above a show like this. This was basically every Ascension Superstars match ever with Konnor and Viktor working over D-Von until Bubba gets the hot tag. Somewhere along the way D-Von became the legal man. It’s interesting that it feels like Konnor takes the pin every week, although I might have just made that up. D-Von pins Konnor after a 3D **

Recap of the opening segment of RAW last week, and they also re-air the Usos vs. New Day from that same episode, as well as Sheamus vs. Dean Ambrose.

Tyler Breeze vs. Jack Swagger

This is a rematch from their match last week. This was a really awesome match, Swagger showed a lot of charisma here with his mocking of Tyler’s corner taunt and sold his knee impressively. Breeze was much more aggressive here than in his previous main roster matches which was really great to see. Awesome stuff. Jack Swagger wins with a Patriot Lock ***

JoJo is backstage with the Social Outcasts they were plugging their appearance in the Royal Rumble and were just great.

We get the One versus All match from RAW to end the show.

Overall: 4.0

That Tyler Breeze/Jack Swagger match was something else, Jack is a lot of fun on these C shows.

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