WWE Superstars 8/1/16

Air Date: 8/1/16

Tyler Breeze vs. Jack Swagger

What a shame that Tyler Breeze is already working Superstars, so much for not calling up people without a 6 month plan eh Hunter? Given that this was a 5 minute match that maybe three people not in attendance will see it’s insane that Breeze took a hard bump on the outside. Swagger is a lot of fun in these C-Show matches and this was no exception, he took a shoulder into the post which led to the finish. Tyler Breeze wins with the Unprettier **

The main event is Goldust and R-Truth taking on The Ascension. The Ascension impressed me last week so let’s see if they can keep the momentum going.

They air the full Owens/Neville/Ambrose match and angle from RAW, you can read my review of that in the RAW review here. Yay cross-promoting! We get the New Day/Jericho segment as well, it’s worse the second time through.

Back to C-Show action, we get a goofy backstage segment between Goldust and R-Truth. Fun little segment, Goldust is still funny to me unlike Truth.

R-Truth and Goldust vs. The Ascension

Konnor and Viktor work over Goldust which eventually leads to R-Truth getting the hot tag and beating off the heels. This is almost identical to the Ascension/Swagger and Henry match from last week, even down to Ascension doing the job. Solid just like last week but that’s about it, as you’d probably expect R-Truth pins Konnor with the Lie Detector ** ¼

They air the Roman Reigns/Sheamus title match from RAW to end the show.

Overall: 4.5


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