WWA4 Supershow 3 Review


Air Date: 1/1/16

WWA4 is a wrestling school out of Atlanta run by Mr Hughes, they had a big show on New Years’ day headlined by Moose vs. AR Fox and featured a lot of student matches that was livestreamed for free on YouTube. The Southern US indie scene have been getting a lot of hype and interest in the last few months and a lot of the names people have been talking about are on this show. I should note there were some production issues throughout the show, but for a free show I am not going to complain at all. The stream starts with Purple Haze vs Tony Midas already in progress. It’s unfair to review the match since we only got to see the last three or four minutes of a ten minute time limit match but what we saw was pretty solid.

Kameron Kade vs Cameron Canyon

Canyon has a “farm strong” gimmick, which is different. Kade hits a tope on Cameron before he can get in the ring, so the farmer is clearly working face. Canyon gets hit with a brutal looking suplex into the corner and gets worked over for most of the match. These guys had a pretty solid match for two students, there were only one or two times where things didn’t look good. Canyon eventually comes back and gets the win **

Hughes gets on the mic to hype the crowd before the next match.

Dark Mon vs. Shadow X

Dark Mon comes out to Monster by Kanye West and is automatically my favourite guy on this card. He seems to be working some kind of Undertaker-type supernatural gimmick, who apparently loves hip hop. Kanye West, uniting humans and demons since 1996. Two guys come out in black morph suits, they kind of remind me of black suit Spider-Man. The real Shadow X comes out wearing the same mask and a bullet proof vest. The two fakes calmly walk out after the entrance. Dark Mon destroys Shadow X with a brutal looking lariat about halfway through this match after Shadow almost pinned Dark Mon and then screams at X which I loved, although he then immediately puts him in a weak looking submission which wasn’t a great follow up to such rage. Other than that this was a pretty standard big man vs little man match with the massive Dark Mon in control. Dark Mon pins Shadow X with a backbreaker ** ¼

Post-match Dark Mon hits Shadow X with a chokeslam and screams at him to stay down, X doesn’t which causes Dark Mon shakes his hand in a scene resembling the ending to Jeff Hardy vs. Undertaker.

Prince Apollo vs. Shynron

Shynron is a great highflyer that doesn’t get the appreciation he deserves so I am excited for this match. Apollo comes out with Tony Midas who sits just off screen, so I assume these two are a tag team or something. Prince plays a very good cocky heel, there’s a great spot where Apollo stops the match to tie his boot, Shynron being the gentleman that he is waits for Apollo and offers him a handshake afterwards. Of course Apollo gives him a beating for his troubles. This was a pretty fun spotfest that felt a little bit slow at points. Shynron pins Prince Apollo with a splash **

After that we head to intermission

Odinson vs. Stitch Osiris

This is a great match to come back from intermission from as both of these guys have had a lot of hype behind them from people familiar with the Southern scene, Stitch moreso than Odinson. Odinson is a big bruiser who looks kind of like a doughy Sheamus while Stitch is a high flyer so I expect another big man vs little man match up here. Things start out hot with Odinson attacking Stitch before the bell and then Stitch goes off on him with his aerial attacks. Stitch goes for a dive on Odinson but gets caught and suplexed onto the concrete for his troubles. Things slowed down a little after that which might have hurt the match a little, but things quickly picked up after that with an awesome pounce by Odinson and an incredible sliced bread from the ring apron to the concrete by Stitch. Odinson doesn’t quite make it back in at the end while Stitch climbed over him at 9 for the count out win. What a match! I recommend everyone reading this to watch this match as it’s awesome. Both guys have lived up to their hype and I can’t wait to see more of them. Stitch Osiris wins by count-out *** ¼

Post-match Odinson hugs and shakes hands with Osiris and then murders him with an elbow.

Hughes gets back on the mic to sell the WWA4 weekly shows, if that last match doesn’t get people interested then nothing will.

Fred Yedi vs. Black Baron

Fred Yehi has recently started working for EVOLVE and is another in the big Southern US indie guys that have been getting a lot of talk recently. There was some great looking chain wrestling by Yehi at the start of this, and a hell of a lot of screaming which I could do without. This was a technically sound match but to me it felt like it never got out of first gear, nothing felt like it meant anything and neither guy seemed like they were that into this. The match ends with a time limit draw ** ¾

DeATLien and Owen Knight vs. Kiera Hogan and Angel Blackwell

Intergender tag action is next with the guys against the girls. I am not going to turn this review into a think piece about intergender wrestling but suffice to say I am a fan. Hogan is apparently the WWA4 general manager while Angel is the current internet champion. We start with some chain wrestling with Knight completely heeling it up. The girls completely outwrestle the guys in the first half of this match, including a beautiful looking double Japanese arm drag on Knight. The match seems to be skipping a bit for me which is a real shame as it is pretty good. Kiera takes a hard face first bump on the concrete after getting caught on a dive. There’s a great spot where both the girls have the guys in submissions, which led to the finish of Kiera turning on her partner. Like I said, this was a very good match that was hurt a little by things outside of their control. Owen Knight pins Angel Blackwell for the win *** ¼

Blackheart © vs. Ashton Star (WWA4 Heavyweight Championship)

Blackheart seems like a Raven/CM Punk type with a giant mohawk. The crowd is absolutely silent for this match, which is noteworthy as they’ve been pretty good all night. Star seems pretty solid but Blackheart really dragged this match down. This was probably the worst match on the card, which is a shame because everything else has been at least solid. Ashton Star wins with a modified Overdrive *

We take a short break before the main event

AR Fox vs. Moose

This is the main event and on paper could be the best match on the card. AR Fox is a guy that’s been around forever and Moose has been improving so much in the last year it’s amazing. Moose hit Fox with a painful looking apron powerbomb that would make Kevin Owens proud at one point. Fox’s high flying ability is super underrated and it’s a shame that he doesn’t get talked about as much as guys like Ricochet and Matt Sydal. Moose kicked out of a Lo Mein Pain and then just went after Fox with powerbombs and boots to the face. Just as it looked like Fox was coming back, hitting Moose with a 450 splash all of the heels from the night come out and attack them both. No Contest ** ¾

The faces come out to attack the heels and it gets turned into a ten man tag match with everyone who was on the show. The feed cuts out before the match finishes so all we really get was some wild brawling.

This was a decent show overall, especially considering most of the guys on it were students. There’s a couple of matches worth checking out, most notably Odinson vs. Stitch Osiris which was my match of the night and the whole show is worth watching if you have a few hours to kill. Plus, it’s free!

Overall rating: 5.0


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