WWE Superstars 1/1/16 Review

Air Date: 1/1/16, Episode #351

The show starts with Darren Young making his entrance. He’s still wearing Prime Time Players gear and using their music so I guess the team is still together. Oh god, here come’s Adam Rose. I never understood why people liked him or Leo Krueger, both characters did nothing for me and he’s super boring in the ring. Commentary is talking about how Young and Titus are still friends but want to see what they can do in singles, so I guess they aren’t really together anymore?

Darren Young vs. Adam Rose

Highlights include D-Young hitting Adam Rose with a slam on the ring apron and Rose coming back by lifting Young into the top rope. This was a fun little match with Young throwing some nice looking strikes. At one point Young hit Rose with a brutual looking spinning forearm. Both men went out here to work and it wasn’t as bad as you’d think looking at this on paper. Darren Young eventually wins with a gut-check **

We get a graphic for Jack Swagger and Mark Henry vs The Ascension which sounds like it could be incredible. Before that though they recap the Vince McMahon angle from RAW and then they air the League of Nations vs Ambrose/Usos match from RAW. I am not gonna review that because honestly who the hell cares? We’re here for C-show talent dammit!

We eventually get to our new match, this looks like it could be a great hoss fight and I can’t wait.

Jack Swagger and Mark Henry vs. The Ascension

This might have been the best tag match The Ascension have had since getting to the main roster. The match was basically a Southern tag match with Konnor and Viktor working over Swagger, Viktor took a crazy looking knees first bump to the outside. Henry eventually get the hot tag and just kills The Ascension, hits the World’s Strongest Slam on Konnor and gets the win. This wasn’t what I was hoping for with Henry and Swagger but I really want to see more from this team. Mark Henry pins Konnor with the World’s Strongest Slam **

The show ends with a reairing of the John Cena/Alberto Del Rio match from RAW.


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