AML Wrestling Episode 4 Review: Caprice Coleman vs. Sonjay Dutt

Air Date: 1/4/15

We start with a promo this week instead of the usual highlights from the previous show. Caprice Coleman is out and cuts a fun promo. Coleman is a guy I haven’t seen a lot of and I haven’t enjoyed what I have seen, he’s always come across very bland and one-dimensional to me. However he showed a bit more personality in this short promo and hopefully the rest of his run in these shows will change my opinion on him.

Next we get highlights from episodes 1 and 2, with the Vordell/Sigmon match (which I think was the worst so far, but still passable) conspicuous in its absence.

Next we get a promo from Sonjay Dutt, in my notes for this I wrote about how it’s funny that Dutt has more hair on his chest than on his head which should tell you how I felt about this promo. On to the match!

Sonjay Dutt vs. Caprice Coleman

Sonjay Dutt is interesting, he’s a guy that was around for the golden age of the X-Division in TNA but he never really gets the love that AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, or Christopher Daniels do. This match to me sort of explains why. It was by no means bad, just a little bit unspectacular. That is most likely due to its placement on the card but I’ve never really seen a spectacular performance from Dutt to suggest this was anything out of the norm. A lot of the same criticism here could be put on Coleman, who held up his part of the match but did nothing to truly impress. Sonjay wins with a top rope splash **1/2

No match is announced for next week, which is a first.

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