AML Wrestling Episode 3 Review: Sigmon vs. Vordell Walker

Air Date: 24/3/15

The show again starts with a recap of last week’s episode, followed by some pre-match promos. This week’s match is Sigmon vs. Vordell Walker. I don’t know much about these guys but the announcers mention that Sigmon was trained by Harley Race, Dr. Tom Pritchard, and had a stint in the NJPW Dojo so he should be something. Sigmon cuts a decent promo, while Vordell just straight up stinks out the place as we head to the ring.

Sigmon vs. Vordell Walker

Commentary kept hyping this as a hard hitting fight and we did kind of get that. Sigmon was the star of this match for me, for a big guy nothing Walker did in this match looked like it would hurt, apart from a belly to belly on the outside; he hit some awful looking chops as well. The crowd didn’t seem as into this match as the previous two which took me out of it a bit as well. Decent little match and I’d like to see more of Sigmon but don’t go out of your way to watch this. Vordell Walker wins with a spinning Urinage **1/2

Next week we get Caprice Coleman vs Sonjay Dutt

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