Jim Cornette Was Always an Asshole, You Just Weren’t Listening

Jim Cornette has always been a controversial figure in the wrestling world, he has always been very outspoken and passionate about his views on how wrestling should be run. Many fans consider these views outdated and behind the times, but this isn’t an article about Jim’s views on wrestling, this is about Jim’s other views. After the Paris attacks earlier this year Jim, ever the first to weigh in on world events, spoke out about them on his podcast. Instead of vilifying the attacks and offering his condolences to the families of the victims Mr Cornette instead gave his views on the Islamic faith as a whole saying that it “blatantly hinges on [the belief that] people should be killed, stoned to death, mutilated, castrated, beheaded or otherwise eliminated for a variety of shit that nobody should give a shit about to begin with,” and that Muslims are people “bomb the fuck out of shit” and that he would outlaw Islam. For someone who is such an ardent Democrat he sure sounds like a certain blonde Republican candidate. A few weeks later, on the same podcast in response to a letter from a listener who disagreed with the earlier statements, Jim again went on a 15 minute rant about the Islamic faith. The audio from this rant had been put on YouTube and has since been taken down by MLW, the network which hosts Jim’s and many other podcasts, however the full transcript is below.

“But let me tell you something dickface after you have gone off on that promo, let me tell you a few things. Number one of which I’ll admit that the people running the United States are a really fucked up bunch of people, however, you think it’s bad, [if] those fucking dalmatian eating fucking psychopaths that run your fucking countries over there [got] a hold of the U.S.’s resources and you’ll see what would happen. The whole fucking Earth would be blown up in six fucking weeks, because your people are a bunch of goddamn lunatics and here’s why motherfucker. The Americans are psychopaths? We’re fucking amateurs. Here’s what you ought to do just before we even get into the meat of the matter, what you ought to do is you ought to put a fucking kibosh on those street celebrations you have where 20,000 of ya are out on the fucking street wearing some shitty clothes that look like they haven’t been washed in fucking six weeks with goats firing off automatic weapons up in the air celebrating with the fucking burning fucking George Bush effigies and death to America banners. We know George Bush was a goddamn idiot, but you know what, we also don’t really burn people in a fucking street around here for real even if he deserved it, which he did, and you people do, so don’t try to tell me about this peaceful fucking Islamic religion when all you see from these goddamn backward ass cave-fucking people’s countries are goddamn people burning other people in the streets and throwing them off goddamn roofs, first of all….

But with the Muslims you’re not even safe in fucking Disneyland, so as far as I’m concerned the Muslims have lost the right to be indignant when people knock them or their religion or look at them sideways or like they’re scared because when a large number of those people are fucking nuts and regardless of what this guy says what you hear on television or you read in the newspapers and magazines and the things that these religious leaders call [for], the fatwahs on people, and they fucking shoot people for cartoons, if your religion calls for a lot of fucked up things to happen to women or gay people and or anybody that tells you that your God is fictitious and you are easily egged on by all those other religions with their fictitious versions of God telling you your God is fictitious, which they all are by the way, so the only way to get even is to blow up a bunch of people you don’t know. No, I’m not onboard with your shit their pal….

You can’t go out and discriminate against or be violent to anybody just because a bunch of their fucking people but not all do bad things, but you can have a group of people who lose their right to be surprised or offended or indignant when they don’t like them or look sideways at them or talk bad about them because their group is involved with so many bullshit fucking incidents in so many places over so long a period of fucking time. The fucking Scientologists may not be there yet, but the Muslims are. And once again, memo Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, [if they didn’t] look like a goddamn bunch of fucking, you know, nutcases, Ayatollah Who The Fuck and all the goddamn maniacs with all the automatic rifles with the death to America banners, and have a bunch of people jumping up and down screaming like cave people on acid it would help your fucking public relations.

Yes, and I realise the United States has been fucked up but it doesn’t matter even when we get a goddamn guy named Barack Obama in the White House as the leader of the free world and still you think the fucking West is on a goddamn war against Islam? We’re in a war against Islam because you keep blowing shit up, motherfucker. So anyway shooting strangers with an AK-47 or blowing up a nightclub in Paris because you’re pissed off that you got the wrong end of the stick religiously or politically is not the way that normal people solve their problems and you want to fucking defend your goddamn religion? If it wasn’t for this religion, this particular religion, all of these stories are fictitious and made up, there is no invisible, supernatural supreme being, all the stories are bullshit, but yours is the one that people are killing people over, so it’s the one I’m going to like the least and there’s nothing that you can really do about that because the team that I play for, the atheists, don’t fucking kill anybody or blow anybody up, so don’t be sending me emails telling me that I need to modify my opinion, motherfucker. How about a large order of fish heads for you? That’s my response to you, I don’t give a shit.”

Now after reading that it’s very clear that Jim is at least somewhat racist and Islamaphobic. However, let’s not cut ole James E. Cornette short, he’s also sexist, homophobic, a bully, and just an all-round piece of shit.

On another one of Jim’s classic podcasts he was asked by a listener why it seemed like fewer women went were at modern wrestling shows compared to those in the 1980s and 1990s. Was it to do with wrestling’s dwindling popularity or a de-emphasis of female wrestlers? Not according to Mr. Cornette, no it was because they couldn’t have sex with the wrestlers anymore.

Women came because then they got turned on by [wrestlers] beating the shit out of each other. Then they knew where the hotel was, or either in the back parking lot, or car, or in a broom closet in the arena, or at the hotel, these same hot young guys, who were scantily dressed, would fuck the dogshit out of these women and they would tell their friends, and more women would come next week and it fed on itself.

So I am sure you’ll agree that Jim Cornette does indeed have a lot of opinions. I am sure most people reading this will have seen the viral video of independent professional wrestler Joey Ryan using his penis as a weapon in a match for Japanese promotion DDT against Danshoku Dino.

Well, Mr Cornette had some very strong opinions about this as well (who would’ve guessed?). Instead of talking about how unrealistic the spot was or the place of comedy in wrestling Jim decided to make a gay joke. In 2015. Lovely.

What I am trying to get at here is that Jim Cornette’s views on life and society are as out of date as his views on the wrestling business. The fact that he still has a podcast that people listen to and appears on numerous other podcasts is a travesty. The fact that in 2015 the wrestling world lets a man say heinous things about a race of people or an entire gender because he knows about something that happened 30 years ago or cut a decent promo 20-25 years ago is a massive problem. This isn’t right, we can’t stand for these kind of bigoted views anymore.


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