AML Wrestling Episode 2 Review: The Washington Bullets vs. The Bravado Brothers

Air date: 16/3/15

This week’s episode starts with a recap of the end of last week’s match and Dawson’s post-match attack. Weirdly these highlights make the whole thing look worse than when it played out. We get a pre-match promo from the Washington Bullets who look like a strong gust of wind could knock them over. I hated this promo so much, they seem to be trying to push their catchphrase “our job is to win, yours is to lose” which is just bad. The Bullets literally say they’ve done nothing in the wrestling business, these guys suck!

Bravados interrupt The Bullets wearing some real badass robes. I enjoyed the Bravados gimmick of good ole Southern boys who love their Grandma back in Ring of Honor, I know they’ve been working WWN since then but I think this is the first time I’ve seen them since they left RoH. Unfortunately they couldn’t save this promo, hopefully the Washington Bullets work better than they cut promos.

The Washington Bullets vs. The Bravado Brothers

This was a fun as hell match, all four men had their working boots on. It was a little slow to start and there was a segment where the Bullets were in control which didn’t work at all since they are about half the size of the Bravado Brothers. Eventually the Bravados took back control which made much more sense and we had some old school tag wrestling with the Bravados cutting the ring in half. Things slowly sped up and the Bullets really impressed me here, they seem like a team that would do well in 10 minute sprints as opposed to a slower paced match as we got here. The Bullets finally win with a roll up to the surprise of everyone. ***

Post-match The Bravados offer handshakes to the Bullets which they reluctantly accept to “That was awesome” chants from the crowd. Bullets cut a quick promo post match where they sell their catchphrase again, these guys shouldn’t talk but their match made me a fan, would be interested to see them again. No commercial of what is up next week but after what we got this week I am excited.


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